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  • Always call 9-1-1 first for any police, fire or medical emergencies.
  • Emergency maintenance can include fire, flood, tornado or storm damage, or other urgent situations. When in doubt, please call (608) 314-7689.
  • Boomerang Home Rentals provides detectors in each unit.
  • Detectors should not be tampered with or disabled under any circumstance.
  • The renter is responsible for testing each detector at least once every month. The renter is responsible for replacing any battery that fails at his/her own expense. If, after testing or replacement of the battery, the detector fails to operate, the renter must notify Boomerang Home Rentals immediately.
  • All our Executive and Traditional rental homes have a keyless entry and a garage code, so no keys are required.
  • Without prior written consent, the resident may not alter the interior or exterior, including painting, marking, driving nails or screws into, or otherwise defacing or altering any walls, ceilings, floors, windows, cabinets, woodwork, stone, or any other part of the premises.
  • Any alteration, including any fixtures, carpeting, painting, wallpaper, or landscaping, shall become part of the premises unless otherwise specified by Boomerang Home Rentals.
  • Traditional Home Renters will be responsible for the care of the property they rent.
  • Traditional Home Renters will be held financially responsible for any property damage or breakage; deliberate or negligent misuse or improper operation of water, gas, electric, and plumbing equipment or systems; all cracked or broken glass, torn or damaged screens; and extermination caused by poor housekeeping.
  • Traditional Home Renters must keep the yard mowed and driveway and sidewalk clear of snow, as needed on a regular basis, and free of trash.
  • Traditional Home Residents agree to maintain and clean the property. Only normal wear and tear are accepted.
  • Boomerang Home Rentals is responsible for the lawn care and snow removal of each Executive Home property.